Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro power and strength in one smartphone

You need to start with the fact that Lenovo relatively recently ascended the smartphone market, but has already managed to gain a foothold on it very, very good. In the top five, she confidently takes her place, no worse than rivaling with her competitors in the person of LG, Sony, HTC and most other famous world players in this market segment. The main sales, as this should be expected, went in China, where this smartphone was sold out faster than they managed to import it.

Some other models, which also turned out to be good and at the same time balanced and interesting than some other characteristics similar smartphones say, from Samsung and the above -mentioned brands are kept at the same level with them. But here it is clear that the market of the “top” segment must be taken by something more serious and high-quality and competitive, of course. More than a year ago, the K900 smartphone appeared, which became a “metal” flagship with a large screen and, of course, it became a starting point, which, in fact, turned the replacement of the company.

The model really turned out to be what it was necessary, and cooperation with such a giant as Intel made it possible to break and set a very “tasty” price on this smartphone, which was almost 2 times lower than that of the main competitors. Now K 900 is still sold and costs about 8-10 thousand.rubles and for this money with such a functionality there is nothing else.

Actually, Lenovo decided not to stop and make K 910, which is given the name Vibe Z. It was made on the Professor of Qualcomm, and it could be generally compared with the current generation of flagships of many other companies. But it turned out somewhat more expensive than expected, and the case was changed to plastic, and not to metal. In addition, the device appeared in Russia late and K-910 could not bring great benefit to the market. But the follower of the K-900, K-920 was able to get and even somewhat overthrow his progenitor in sales.

This K-920 smartphone with a 6-inch display is made completely in a metal case and it has a screen resolution only to think about 2560×1440 pixels (this is Quad HD), like SGS 4 or LG G3. The processor of the “top” Caulcomm segment and a 4K mAh battery as well as a 16 megapixel camera and 32+3 GB of memory (built-in+operational) and 2 SIM cards managed to fit in this case and there were still a little “place” left. The characteristics of the model are really impressive and at first glance we can say that this is one of the best smartphones-planes that can be found on the market.

If you decide to buy a smartphone with an excellent camera, then see the offer on .UA/Novelty/Groza-FotoAppratov-I-Prosto-Moschniy-Smartfon-Vibe-Z2-PRO.HTML. A powerful smartphone – Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro has a built -in camera with wide possibilities, which the company itself designated as “Pro Camera”.


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