History of the creation of sandwich panels

Today, sandwich panels are one of the most popular and, most importantly, affordable, as well as reliable and durable in their qualitative characteristics building material.

This fairly simple design of two (in most cases) steel sheets with a heater in the middle allows you to build almost any building in the most minimum time that actually does not lose it, and in many respects even won from buildings made from any other materials.

Where does the history of this amazing building material, originating in inexpensive rapid buildings from?

The first mention of sandwich panels dates back to 1930. The famous architect-inventor Frank Lloyd Wright presented their prototype during the implementation of the Architectural project Unsonian. Despite a number of shortcomings in the design of panels with a cell filler invented by Wright, with its task – to present inexpensive, aesthetically attractive, as well as an easy -to -operate building material, he coped perfectly.

In the form in which they exist today, the first sandwich panels were represented in 1950 by student Olden B. DOW. As a student of Wright, he offered his own, improved and supplemented version of the panels developed by Frank. The design proposed by the DOW was a three-layer sandwich panel with polyester filler and plywood coating.

The material he had developed came to their liking. Soon, the demand for it expectedly rose, and many times began to exceed the proposal. The main reason for this was a rather complicated and slow production process.

And then in 1959 Koppers Company Inc. first launched sandwich panels into mass production. This building material was produced by a polystyrene insulation company, as a casing, as previously, plywood was used.

Over time, the technology improved, and if earlier the production of sandwich panels took several hours, then already in the 60s of the twentieth century this time was able to reduce to 20 minutes.

In the mid-seventies, these panels came to our country, and now the Russian building materials market can offer the widest assortment of all kinds of sandwich panels of the most diverse quality from many different manufacturers.

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