If you drown the neighbors collect evidence

Real estate is different. Respectively, the troubles associated with its content are also distinguished. So, those who preferred cottage villages as the main place of residence enjoy the beautiful view from the window, clean air, silence and peace. But the residents of city apartments sometimes only dream of such well -being.

Particular anxiety is usually caused by neighbors. A melomanet who has settled nearby, who does not recognize the sound in the headphones, is a sweet but poorly hearing old woman who adores “soap operas” or a student of a music school, an tormenting instrument daily – a list of “funny” neighbors can be continued for a long time. But perhaps the most dangerous is the one that forgets to close the crane in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Especially if such a citizen lives above you.

Water dripping from the ceiling is not just a ruined repair, it is also a serious damage to furniture, books, household appliances. Sometimes, the damage from the bay is measured by hundreds of thousands of rubles. And far from always the culprit is ready to compensate him for.

And then for justice you have to contact the servants of Themis. The outcome of the trial largely depends on how exactly you behaved in the first hours and days after the bay. The more evidence you collect, the higher the chances of success.

Therefore, if you are drowned by neighbors, try to maintain calm and act as clearly and competently as possible.

To begin with, of course, the source of the bay should be installed. It is not always a direct neighbor from above that it can always be, it can be one who lives two floors higher and living obliquely from you, etc.D.

Upon learning who exactly drowns you, help him cope with the consequences. In the end, this is in your own interests. If the owner of the apartment is not at home, call the emergency service that will block the water. Be sure to take a call confirmation from its representatives.

Next, you should draw up an act. All apartments in the suburbs, Moscow or Kyiv are served by one or another management company. It is her representative should be invited to draw up an act. It is better to do this not on the phone, but personally, making sure that your application was entered into the call journal. The act can be drawn up independently, but then be sure to attract one of the neighbors. The alleged culprit of the bay is also mandatory participates in the execution of the specified document. In case of his refusal, the corresponding mark is made in the act of this. If the damage from the bay is significant, it is better to invite an independent appraiser. His conclusion will be a good argument in further trials.

You can also fix everything that happens in the photo or video. Expensive equipment is not necessary, a cell phone is also suitable. Although, of course, the good quality of the image will only be on your hand.

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