Autonomous heating of the turnkey cottage

Which system of providing a house with heat will make any owner of a private house absolutely independent of central heating, providing a unique opportunity to lead the level of heat into the home? Of course, this is nothing but an autonomous turnkey cottage heating from a solid engineering organization.

Just imagine how free the independent system of heat organization will help you feel free. You can, when you want, turn on, turn off the heating in the house or, say, adjust the level of heating of each room in your cottage. And you will always have hot water, no matter how utility organizations start.

Of course, the installation of heating in a two -story house (meaning an independent network) will cost much more than the connection to the central network. However, the autonomous system, although not immediately, but be sure to pay off. Any specialist, even the most independent and not aimed at providing you with his services, tells you that autonomous heating is more profitable than a centralized.

Speaking about specialists, it is very important for you to find a good master so that the system works and brings savings without any interruption for many years. How to do it? Keep your ear will, be careful in choosing, check the company for decency, read reviews. If your friends can advise a good master who orders the installation of Solnechnogorsk heating regularly, order services from a proven pro!

Traditionally, an autonomous turnkey cottage heating includes the following elements:

heat source – boiler (gas, solid fuel, electric and so on)

heat transfer devices (for example, radiators)

Automation and shut-off-regulating reinforcement (valves, valves, taps)

pipelines transmitting heat from its source to transmission devices

pump equipment

The main, most important element of the autonomous network of heat supply is the boiler. Water heats up in it. For independent heating systems, wall and floor boilers are installed. Floor boilers, as a rule, are placed in utility rooms of private cottages. And the wall unit can be hung even in the apartment.

Also, independent heating systems are equipped with a special automation system. This system enables the boiler to function as safely as possible, automatically exposing the temperature you need in one period or another. Just imagine, some automation systems do not even require electricity for their operation. Come to the organization of autonomous heating wisely, get saving!

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