Form of remuneration

With a direct piecework form of payment, labor is paid at firm rates per unit of the product, regardless of the level of execution by workers of the development rate, t. e. Payment per unit of product developed does not change with any production number.

In case of a piece-to-progressive form of remuneration of labor, the work made is paid at the established price only within the limits of the production rate. Products made in excess of the established initial norm are paid at an increased price depending on the size of overfulfillment of production standards. For example, on scale No. 1 of premiuming workshop workers, rates for each unit of products produced up to 10% in excess of the initial norm are set in one and a half-time, and over 10% in double. Progressive wages are applied to leading and

narrow areas specially agreed upon by orders of higher organizations.

The piece-premium form of remuneration of labor is used in cases where piecework wages are combined with the issuance of a premium for a working worker for achieving super-planned quality indicators. For example, bonuses of piecework for super -planned fuel saving, electricity, etc. D.

The indirect piecework is that one category of workers receives wages depending on the results of the work of another category, which it serves as a direct executor of basic technological operations. As a rule, an indirect piecework form of remuneration is used on auxiliary and service operations that contribute to the implementation of the main. For example, .remuneration of stoker, repair locksmith, on -duty electrician, etc. D. It is carried out depending on the work results of workers engaged in the main production.

An indirect piecework is characterized by a number of shortcomings, especially with the brigade system of remuneration. These include: disinterest in increasing labor productivity of individual members of the brigade due to the lack of accounting for the volume of work of each members of the brigade; The need to distract individual repair workers for overhaul of equipment, where the work is paid hard, and t. D.

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