Design of houses

To build a normal house, and not some kind of time, more like a dovecess, it is first necessary to draw up design documentation, in other words, completely prepare all the necessary documents. This includes permission from the relevant authorities to build. You also need to know how much the construction will cost and what it will be. Usually designing houses is carried out in two stages.

The first stage is a sketch project. At this stage, it is necessary to form a planning solution to the future home. It is necessary to determine the number of rooms, as well as the height and thickness of the walls. Then you need to tie all the rooms and stairs, if any are present. Also at this stage they solve the issue of the presence of an attic and basement. That is, the view of the house, internal and external.

The second stage is architectural design. It should be noted that any room should be described from the technical side. This design is a procedure for preparing all documents in which all the nuances of the house will be described. At this stage, it is necessary to accurately determine the constructive solution of the future house and the site around it. Based on sketch projects, they conduct an estimate and all construction documentation. In this case, take into account all the rules and norms.

A special project company, that is, specialists who will perform all calculations by design, should take up the design of the house. They will determine the depth of the foundation laying, and the entire waterproofing of the basement. Then they will check the resistance of absolutely all the supporting structures that were determined at the first stage. Then experts will develop all the mobile units of the house. After there is a selection of suitable engineering systems and the purpose of the place to start laying various communications. And already at the very end they produce the entire linking of building structures and structures. Only a qualified person should be engaged in such design. He is developing the entire project and all the necessary documentation. He should entrust the design of the structure and its description. Even the smallest detail should be indicated in the drawing. The preparation of architectural design is quite difficult and at the same time responsible work. For her you need a special education.

The architect begins work with the fact that he meets with the customer. He just must get all the requirements and desires of the client. If the client does not know something, the architect can tell the best option. After this, an architectural concept is made, after which the client gives his consent. And already on this basis they begin to produce a sketch project. At this stage, the client makes all amendments. Then the performance of the working project begins. During the construction of the house, the so -called author’s control was often performed. This is done with the aim of observing the project.

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