Maintenance and repair of water wells

Whatever the water source on your suburban area, it will not be able to function constantly if it is not inspected and not serve timely. In the case of wells, it is advisable to carry out such an inspection once every 1 – 3 years, with wells, maintenance and repair is required much less often.

But this does not mean that the well will work forever, it can also fail. If we take into account that an artesian well is a very deep source, then its repair can be somewhat complicated. Below we consider the problems that may arise with wells, as well as ways to eliminate them.

If the water flows from the tap, then the cause can have both a natural nature (a aquifer was temporarily exhausted) and the human.

To identify the cause, you may need a video of the well. To do this, a small video camera is attached on a very long cable, the image with which is shown on the monitor, t. To. that the specialist can immediately see what the cause of the trouble is. In general, drilling wells for water, as well as their repairs, must be trusted to professionals, then the risk of failure of the well due to installation errors will be minimal.

Most often, the water level in the well falls due. This is a very common reason for sand wells. To remove the blockage, the well is either washed with the pressure of water, or they clean it and change or repair the filter located at the bottom of the casing column.

There are other ways of removing blockage in the well – electric discharges, explosions, hydraulic strokes, but they need special devices and equipment for their implementation, which can rarely be found even in a professional brown company.

Another frequent problem that occurs during the operation of wells is a deterioration in the quality of the liquid from it. Again, there may be several reasons for the emergence of such a situation – the ecology of the terrain has worsened, or mistakes were made during installation. For example, during casing, poor -quality pipes were used or their connection was bad and it collapsed. If you have been given a guarantee for the work and its term has not yet expired, then you can safely contact the company that has been driving a source. If the warranty period has expired, then you will have to pay a rather big amount of money to eliminate the problem.

Of course, we can talk about a deterioration in water quality only when the water treatment system is checked. Perhaps you just need to change any filters.

When arranging a well, many technically complex devices are used. One of them – a pump – can also fail (this, by the way, is also the reason for the cessation of water supply to the taps). Replacing the pump in the well, if it is shallow, it is quite easy to perform, but if the well is deep, then there will be a lot of trouble. Dismantling the pump may even require a crane call, and in terms of costs this procedure will be costly.

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