Design ideas can pleasantly surprise

After turning off the light, a person seems to get into the forest

Much depends on lighting in the room, and it is it that is determining the factors in the creation of a particular interior or design design. And if you choose the right lamps, then with their help you can even get into the dense forest. For this, the chandelier original in appearance is used, which in appearance is similar to a bunch of branches, which, in the lights turned on, create the effect of dense forest surrounding a person throughout the room.

Special pipe for a cat

One architect loved his cat very much, and therefore decided to create a special pipeline for her so that she could comfortably move throughout the room or even throughout the house. There are small windows in this pipe that allows the owner to watch his pet.

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Original toilet room with glass floors

In Mexico, one architect specifically decided to create a glass floor for his toilet to create a feeling of abyss and some even weightlessness over the abyss, while in his own toilet. From the very beginning, in the house where this architect lives, it was planned to create two elevator mines, but there was only one of them involved in the work. But in the second mine, at the height of fifteen floors, such an original and interesting toilet room with a glass floor was built. Of course, such an environment holds a person in tension, so it is hardly possible to feel comfortable.

Transparent bathroom for your home

If you look at a transparent bathroom, then at first glance it seems that the water is somehow filled without pouring throughout the floor. This is precisely the main task of professional designers of Stern McCaffferty. It was they who came up with the bathroom, which consists of a glass partition, through which the wall decoration is visible, simply put, the bath itself, in fact, is not visible at all.

But this is far from all existing original design solutions, since designers always try to do something original and unsurpassed, which might seem impossible or even wildness, although today it is almost the norm.


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