Product cost

The cost of reinforced concrete products manufactured by specialized enterprises is lower by 2535%. The high average cost level of reinforced concrete products is the result of the lack of use of the fixing assets of forming equipment, hardening chambers and production facilities, the imperfection of structures and products of products, a large number of sizes, an unsatisfactory level of production organization, etc. D.

Similar causes of high level and sharp fluctuations in the cost of production and in other industries of building materials. To overcome this situation, a number of organizational and technical measures were developed and implemented. Now most enterprises of local building materials are converted at a high technical base, equipped with new equipment, mainly overcome the seasonality of production.

All this should ensure a decrease in fluctuations in the cost of the same types of products at various enterprises. The achieved level of the cost of unit of products at advanced factories in these conditions should be a guideline, in the direction of which should be used to achieve a further decrease in the cost of building materials.

The savings from reducing the cost of industrial products should, during the period of the general prospect, give 14001,500 billion rubles, or almost three quarters of the total amount of capital investments in the national economy. Based on the fact that the proportion of the cost of building materials and the total planned costs of housing and communal construction reaches about 55%, a decrease in the cost of building materials for the current seven-year-old by 11.5% will make it possible to reduce the cost of construction by 6.3%.

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