Warm floor in your house

Today they use the so -called water floor to heated a country cottage or a country house. The floor of this new type is most profitable to use both for the implementation of heating as a whole of a residential building, and in separate very large rooms. The main advantage of heating of this type is especially noticeable in the most spacious areas that they are heated. If you need to make the so -called “warm floor” exclusively in the bathroom, then in this case it is best to use electric heating.What is the scheme of the device of water “warm” floors? This diagram is the main plate at the very bottom, then there is a layer of vapor barrier and a waterproofing layer, and only then it is preferable to put isolation with a surface of such a material as aluminum. After that, pipes can be located on the surface of aluminum, a concrete screed is performed on them, and naturally, the initially correctly selected floor covering is done by you. It should be said that when choosing for warm floors of flooring, special attention should be paid to the marking, or there is no floor covering to be laid according to all the requirements and standards to the floor, which is subject to heating in the future.

The whole principle of such so-called “warm” floors is very successful for heating the living room, because warm air always rises from the bottom, in the room on some one side without concentrating. All this will significantly save you your material resources, and the higher the ceilings in the room, the more it is economical to use such a dwelling heating system in the way.

If you contact specialists for help for help, they will be able to make a number of calculations, to find out whether it is suitable or not for use in your house of warm water floor. If you receive a positive answer, then it is precisely such specialists that you can entrust and carry out all installation works in your house.

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