Houses in a modern style

Modern styles have firmly entered the architecture of our houses. Projects of Russian houses can be very different. Constructivism, minimalism, craving for Scandinavian architecture quickly gaining popularity. Choosing a private house or cottage, we want it to be modern and stylish. Therefore, in the decoration of interiors and facades of houses, signs and features of minimalism are so popular.

He leaves only the very essence of things, forcing to remove all superfluous. Minimalism opens against pomp, unnecessary elaboration, rumbling in the eyes of the color palette and difficult to make up. For perfect observance of style, nothing is necessary – pure colors and correct lines.

At first glance, it seems that this style is locked in the framework and strongly constrained by the rules. But in fact, you have unlimited possibilities when planning the premises and its changes. The final result can be limited only by the flight of imagination and your imagination!

Features of houses in a modern style

Interesting bends, clear shapes, straight lines, a combination of modern natural materials with wood, unusual structures and roof elements, panoramic windows for a large amount of natural light during the day – this is all the audacity and recognition of modern styles.

The main role in creating the individuality of the building is played by the texture of the tree, muffled colors, laconic shapes, light and space.

Such architecture and design of the house attract the eyes of others and make it possible to achieve the effect of complete merging with nature. Supplementing her landscape, the laconic house fits into the environment as well as possible.

The cottage built in a modern style is a perfect combination of material and shape. Such houses are united by aesthetics, the latest construction technologies and high -quality environmentally friendly materials.

Why should I contact the company “Scandi Project”?

Projects of houses in a modern style from Scandi Project are distinguished by a special sense of style and a combination of comfort and environmental friendliness. At the same time, Northern Europe is a constant inspirer of company architects.

Style, modernity, convenience, beauty – this is what every person who keeps up with the times seeks when choosing design. Perhaps you are just going to embody your dream in reality or have been going to it for a long time with seven -miMi steps?

Scandi Project is always listening to the wishes and characteristics of each individual person or his family. By acquiring a modern house at Scandi Project, you will solve only the issues of appearance, stylistic features when drawing up an interior plan. The company takes on the rest of the work.

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