The choice of metal tiles

Metal tape is a popular roofing, which is a steel profiled sheets covered with protective zinc and decorative polymer layer. In appearance, they are very similar to expensive ceramic tiles, due to which at a great distance they are completely not distinguishable from each other. They have all the advantages of ceramics, and at the same time have no shortcomings, so the demand for the population for this material in many countries is so great that a proposal does not always cope with it.

In our country, domestic metal tiles are very popular, which in quality is not inferior to more expensive imported. Moreover, dozens of different companies are engaged in its production, so you can buy a metal tile in a wide assortment and at affordable prices, having selected the most optimal color, height and width of the profile, metal thickness and other properties. In order not to make a mistake with its choice, you need to focus on a number of important criteria.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the warranty period. If it is large, then the manufacturer is completely confident in the high quality of its products. Usually this period is 10-15 years. An equally important factor is the thickness of the steel material used for the production of this. In order not to run into an unscrupulous company selling a thinner steel under the guise of a thicker one, you need to come to a store with a micrometer.

In no case should you buy a suspiciously cheap metal tile sold under the guise of various shares and discounts. Typically, in this way, a defective or low -quality product is implemented. Of course, it is better to give preference to the well -known and time -tested manufacturers in the choice. In this case, you should ask the steel used in its manufacture, for example, Chinese steel does not inspire confidence.

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