Cultivator tornado advantages over other agricultural tools

The most difficult in the summer cottage is to process the soil. But today you can cope with this hard work without much effort if you purchase a right assistant – cultivator tornado. The quality of work is becoming better with it, and the speed is higher. The device is a rod made of metal, at the upper end of which a handle with a special shape is installed at right angles at right angles. From the bottom of the rod are spicy spifle teeth. The tornado cultivator not only deeply loosen the soil, but also exterminates weeds. The tool is under the power of different types of soils. They process a cultivator, both beds, flower beds, and aisles. The tornado cultivator is suitable for constant use, loosening of soil after rain rain or bait.

The first advantage of a manual cultivator is an increase in labor productivity. Also, the advantage is the cost. For the cultivator Tornado, the price of Intermetall offers the most profitable and lower than competitors. While the product is very universal. This easily explains the specific unique design. Naturally, motor tools have the highest efficiency, but the manual instruments of the gardener cannot reach the same level as the cultivator of the tornado.

The second advantage is the exclusion of additional load on the back area. The entire load is evenly distributed over the body, so during operation the muscles of the shoulders, back, press, legs and arms act. Surprising the weight of the device – only two kilograms. The cultivator is understood for the convenience of transportation to three parts. This also saves space when storing it. The cultivator does not need any costs. Functioning occurs due to the use of only physical strength. Thornado’s work improves the yield of the upper soil layer. And finally, the cultivator completely removes weeds.

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