Famine cladding – a special highlight in the interior

In recent years, fireplaces have become a particularly popular element of the interior of residential premises.  In the past, they were used to heat the home, and today they serve as a spectacular decorative accessory of the living room or dining room. The fireplace creates a special coziness, a comfortable atmosphere in the house, because it is so nice to gather in the evening the whole family or a close company of friends with a flashing fireplace flame. An attractive appearance of the fireplace is given by the cladding.

The lining of the fireplace is used for the front part called the portal. It is the design and appearance of the fireplace depends on the cladding.  Ceramic tiles, natural and artificial stone, wood and even metal can be used as facing. The choice of material depends on the general design of the interior of the room.

Ceramic tile lining

This type of fireplace design has been very popular over the years and is considered a classic. One of the types of ceramic tiles intended for the design of the fireplace is tiles. The use of tiles originates in medieval Europe. They not only served as a decoration, but also increased heat transfer. The surface of the tiles can be smooth or embossed, plain or multicolor. Often, tiles are made with manual painting depicting various household and hunting scenes, landscapes and ornaments. Such tiles are peculiar works of applied art.

The fireplace with mosaic or other types of ceramic tiles looks beautiful. It should be remembered that the correct laying of tiles is very important, on which its appearance will largely depend.

Using stone

The fireplace with cladding of the portal from natural or artificial stone looks no less impressive. For this, slabs made of marble, granite, sandstone can be used. The fireplace portal lined with stone looks especially solid and presentable and can be used both in the classic and modern interior design in the style of minimalism or high-tech.

Wood and metal

The wooden portal looks very comfortable, and is applicable in rooms in country style. The tree for cladding is impregnated with a special composition that gives it heat resistance. The shine of the metal fireplace facade looks great in modern design in the style of minimalism that does not tolerate excessive details.

Our company offers a full range of works on the installation of fireplaces: installation of chimneys, “turnkey” installation, cladding and much more, performed by our specialists, guarantee high quality and many years of trouble -free operation of the fireplace. Contact us, and we will be able to realize the dream of a beautiful fireplace in your home in reality.

Faming of fireplaces

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