New Parquet finishes

It is no secret that there are quite a lot of natural wood breeds. And almost every country created factories for the manufacture of various carpentry products, including parquet. The main trend has recently been the manufacture of a parking lot based on the engineering design of the board.

Recently, the percentage of the use of exotic wood species to create a parquet has also increased, and this process is accompanied by the long transportation of this material to the factory, where the manufacture of parquet will be carried out. But many factories do not even think that simple breeds of trees, which are not so far from a person, can have their attractiveness and uniqueness, which can and should be revealed.

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On the example of the Italian factory, one can distinguish such a thing as production on zero kilometer. This is justified by the fact that this factory does not import parquet from the distant corners of the world to create high -quality parquet. Factory workers have long realized that even simple wood species, which is located near the factory, can be decorated and made more attractive and sophisticated.

Here, for example, Italian maple can be considered such a breed. At first glance, this is not quite attractive wood, but the company’s masters were able to turn it into a real work of art. Thanks to this, the parquet differs from other similar materials with its appearance, sophistication, universality, luxury and, of course, quite affordable cost.

The specially carried out processing was able to amazely reveal all the positive properties of Italian maple, and most importantly, this led to the rapid expansion of the number of interior styles in which it is quite possible to use a new parquet. At first glance, simple processing is carried out, and simple wood rock is used, but how original and attractive final result.

How to say: “Everything is ingenious simple”, in the case with the creation of exquisite parquet when using simple materials, such as in the case using Italian maple with an Italian factory to create carpentry, including parquet.


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