Facade decoration select materials of the ladder ladder transformers for work

Nowadays, there are many options for decorating private houses, for different taste and wallet. Not only the beauty of the house depends on external decoration, but it carries a protective function in itself. Consider the most popular decoration materials.

To carry out work on the decoration of facades of low -rise construction facilities, construction forests or ladders are needed. Stairs ladders are convenient if it is planned to perform work at small altitudes. Buy stairs, ladders, transformers here at competitive prices. Molgao company .Molgao.SU offers a large assortment of equipment with which you can finish the facades.

Plaster. It remains one of the popular decoration materials, it is simply in use, and also does not hit the wallet much. It is also used for painting and to eliminate surface defects. Plaster can be applied to any surface and makes it monolithic and even after applying. There is a cement plaster and gypsum. Gypsum is more practical, more durable, does not miss moisture, but it is more expensive.

The advantage of plaster is durability, the disadvantages include that the work has to be performed with hands, which leads to an increase in the time of work

Siding. Very popular type of finish in our time. A rich palette of colors and shades is supplemented by ease of installation and care. You can carry out facade work at any time of the year, it does not take much time, siding is resistant to mechanical damage, and also allows the walls of the house to “breathe”, which is undoubtedly the dignity of this type of decoration. The durability and strength should also include the advantages of this material. Several types of siding are used – vinyl, wooden, metal, cement. The disadvantages include the cost of metal panels.

Fake diamond. Artificial stone is a rather popular type of finish, which is determined by the similarity of artificial and natural stone. The advantage of artificial stone over natural is lightness and technological. The advantages include aesthetic appearance. Houses with artificial stone finishes look presentable, rich, modern. Just the choice of stone is very diverse in texture and color. The disadvantage is the high cost of finishing work and their complexity.

Facing brick. Beautiful type of finishing materials with a variety of textures and colors. He is also durable, durable, reliable, is a wonderful heater.

Tiles and porcelain tiles. Let’s start on the positive aspects – a rich palette of colors and textures, the size of the material, does not require special care, strength, durability, resistant to temperature fluctuations. Of the shortcomings – the cost of both material and installation work is sufficiently high.

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