Cold and hot forging features and differences in these processes

Metal processing, depending on the need, can be carried out both in a cold and hot way, since it all depends on which parameters you need to achieve and what effect is required at all. And each method has its own certain features and differences.

The process of hot forging metal implies painstaking and long -term work, during which you need to take into account many subtleties and features. The process is unsafe for the master. Therefore, this work should be involved exclusively professionals in their field.

This method is used in the case when the art forging of the metal is performed. And the process of hot metal forging is approximately as follows. A piece of metal is heated to a high temperature, which allows you to make the metal softer and elastic in processing, and already from such material the master produces the necessary product, depending on the task. For this type of production, first of all, you need to take into account the skill of execution, the quality of work, what experience the specialist has in this field of activity, and so on.

At the same time, hot forging products in most cases are considered truly universal in use, and their operational period is at a very high level, which ensures good technical data. The fact is that many times the pumped metal can be called almost durable to use. And thanks to this, the finished product will be as attractive and stylish as possible for a long time. The blacksmith can produce any product with hot metal forging depending on the goal and necessity.

As for the cold forging of the metal, this is a less expensive and laborious process, since it is not necessary to warm up the metal to a certain temperature to ensure high quality preserved for a long time.

When using the cold method of metal forging, the product can be easily cut and bend the stencil in order to eventually get exactly the product that needs. The metal is heated during the use of this technology only at the site of joints and seams in order to ensure good fastening of products among themselves, since this is the quality of the quality. If you are interested in exclusive art forging, thanks to which you can create original, stylish and useful things for the home, Alois is glad to offer its services.

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