Stretch ceilings continuous advantages

Currently, the popularity of stretch ceilings is growing markedly. This type of finish has long and reliably entered the interior fashion, this is not at all accidental. This is due to the fact that stretch ceilings are easily mounted, durable, do not need repairs, are not demanding in care.

It should also be noted that this type of decoration has a presentable look and fits into any interior style. Today there is a tendency to equip two -level stretch ceilings in apartments. Learn more about such ceilings. Visiting the website of the company “Home Coat”. If you have not yet decided on the choice of finishing for the ceiling, be sure to pay attention to all the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

Advantages of the material

The main plus of stretch ceilings is aesthetic. These are the most beautiful ceilings of all that exist in construction markets. Due to the boundlessness of design capabilities, you can embody all the ideas and preferences in the meter. In addition, suspended ceilings have a perfectly flat surface, which cannot be achieved when stained, even if the work is done by a specialist with extensive experience.

Such a quality as safety, undoubtedly, can be attributed to suspended ceilings. For example, French canvases are treated with anti -allergic and antiseptic solutions. Dust does not settle on them, the ceilings do not distinguish harmful substances and smells, they are fireproof. In addition, condensate is not produced on suspended ceilings, this makes it possible to use them in bathrooms and children’s.

Suspended ceilings are durable, their service life is more than 15 years. During this time, the ceiling wakes up to maintain its properties, will not fade and retain its flat surface. In new buildings, elastic stretch ceilings are simply necessary, since cracks during shrinkage are not afraid of.

For professionals, the process of installing stretch ceilings will not cause any complexity. It is worth considering that before the installation it is not necessary to level the main ceiling, the frame is fixed and the canvas is pulled. There is no dirt, dust and garbage.

Disadvantages of stretch ceilings

Only one. Like any finishing material, stretch ceilings have their disadvantages. The canvas can be damaged by a sharp object, but it is unlikely that anyone wakes up to throw sharp objects at the ceiling. The installation of such a ceiling can only a specialist, this process independently, if you, of course, are not a master, it is impossible to produce.

Find out stretch ceilings cost using a convenient calculator option on the site .Domashniy-Uyut.Net. With the help of suspended ceilings, you can embody your dream – your design ideas, be sure to trust the master in order not to spoil the material.


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