What you need to know when choosing high -quality polystyrene

Foamed polystyrene foam is a unique material that consists of 95 percent of air molecules and only 5 percent of polymer styrene. Despite the fact that they developed it almost 80 years ago, it began to be widely used in the construction sector relatively recently. This happened as a result of searches for the optimal option for insulation of both residential and industrial buildings. Thanks to the unusual structure, the polystyrene foam granules in the manufacture become isolated from each other and give it sound and heat-insulating qualities.

Criteria for choosing polystyrene foam for facade insulation

When buying foamed polystyrene foam in sheets, you need to pay attention to such important points:

Color. High-quality material always has an even snow-white color without any inclusions. If there are darkening, yellowness or a gray shade – this indicates non -compliance with manufacturing technology or improper storage. In any case, it is not recommended to purchase such sheets.

Density. It is this characteristic that is responsible for the ability of the material to maintain heat and prevent the penetration of noise into the room. The higher the density, the better it will cope with the tasks. Optimal value-20-25 kilograms per cubic meter.

Structure. Should be dense, do not crumble when pressing, and have all the granules to have approximately one size.

The quality of the packaging. The wrapper performs an important function – protects products from pollution. Therefore, you need to pay attention to its integrity. In addition, the name of the company should be indicated on it, and data such as the density and size of the sheets.

Smell. The presence of sharp synthetic odors is not allowed, indicating the non -compliance of important rules in production.

Choosing high -quality polystyrene foam, as well as other material, for example, ABS plastic, you need to give preference to a reliable, time -tested manufacturers.

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