Mosaic of ordinary ideas in the interior

To refresh the usual room and give it originality even such a trifle as drapery, additional design of the shelf, composition of bright packages, etc.

Consider several unusual ideas to decorate the house.

Air curtain.

Even ordinary strict windows can be successfully transformed using the original drapery . Air circle from the lightest curtain of a delicate light cream shade with a semicircular orange frill frames the green indoor tree and gives the space in front of the window the appearance of a light covered balcony. The tree is as if soar in the solar smoke. Curtain cornice that allows you to create an effect can have various forms.

Functional corner.

Often in small apartments there are not enough space for placing mini -functional zones. After all, even the angle between the window and the door, if the size of the pie allows, can be successfully used under the working area .

A board mounted on an altitude of 70-72 cm, plays the role of a mini-derelick. It contains compactly everything that is necessary for the telephone: apparatus, targeted and notebooks, pens. If the size of the wall allows, then it is convenient to put a shelf-penalist in which you can put phone books, folders, faxes nearby.

Consil lattice.

It is easy to make the original toilet table for the hallway by using a link of a cast decorative grate . She supports a semicircular countertop made of wood with a thickness of 10-15 mm. The size of the countertop is proportional to the size of the grate link. To embody the idea, you will need 2 corners, screws, dowels for 8 mm, 2 fasteners, white oil paint.

Tools: sponge, drill, screwdriver, jigsaw (or wood saw). Drinking the countertop, paint it with a sponge, applying the paint unevenly, “under the marble”. Then insert the dowels and fix the corners to the wall at the upper level of the grate. Fix the grille and countertop. Put the clamps on the grate and fix them. Put the countertop on the corners and move the lattice under it. At the bottom, attach with screws.

The balcony inside out.

To feel closer to nature, to the street, we will create the illusion of a “balcony inside out”. To the window on the sides we will hang console shelves for books with curly plants. The windowsill will continue the wide board going from wall to wall. We use cast-iron twisted grate as a strut-cap for a wide window sill. In front of the grate, we place a room tree, on the window sill – a group of pots with flowering greens. Thus, the lattice will hide the not too attractive battery.

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