Russian autocrains

In Russia, powerful and maneuverable autocrains are one of the most popular types of construction special equipment. They are actively used in a variety of works covering spheres such as the construction of low-rise buildings, road construction, laying pipes, installation of metal structures, loading and unloading, and so on. The carcan is a lifting mechanism with a folding or telescopic arrow installed on the chassis of a cargo machine, for example, the production of MAZ or KAMAZ.

Not without the active use of cranes of various types and railway construction is a very specific, but therefore no less important industry of modern national economies. The solution of such problems as the construction of railways that require the most responsible attitude is engaged in SWAYS LLC at the most professional level. Also, the list of services representing the field of activity of this organization includes the repair of railway tracks and their preventive inspection.

More than 90% of autocrans used in Russia are domestic production models, despite the fact that foreign manufacturers have long been trying to win their own piece of market. They are available on the basis of such known and time -tested cargo chassis as KamAZ, Ural, MAZ and ZIL. At the same time, they differ not only in quite affordable price, but also with excellent quality, reliability, decent carrying capacity and constant availability of spare parts, so it is not surprising that consumer demand for them is only growing every year.

The leading Russian enterprise specializing in the release of the autocrane is the AutoKran plant located in the city of Ivanovo and producing products under the Ivanovets brand. In second place is the Autocrane Plant of the city of Galich, producing Auto -Crane “Galichanin”. The third place was taken by the Autocrane equipment factory of the city of Klintsi, producing products under the brand of the same name. In fourth place is the Uglich Machine -Building Plant, which produces the Uglich auto crane.

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