Ceramic brick magma types and technical characteristics

Special strength and other operational characteristics of this facade building material are due to the use of only high -quality natural raw materials and modern production technology. In turn, this allows the use of the brick magma when decorating the front side of buildings and structures located in any climatic conditions. This material is not destroyed under the influence of an aggressive environment, maintaining its original form for a long time.

Production technology

All products of Magma Ceramic LLC are produced on an automated technological line of the German company Keller by plastic molding. To date, this method of production of ceramic brick is the most modern and expensive. It allows you to produce a wide range of products of a variety of color scheme and with different types of surfaces.

The full technological cycle consists of certain stages:

To obtain high -quality brick Magma, a special clay mass is used with a minimum permissible percentage of impurities and strictly in accordance with the marking. At the final stage of the production process, the formed products are sent to a special furnace, where they are burned at a temperature of about 1000 °. This allows you to achieve a particularly high strength and fortress of finishing material.

Types and characteristics of ceramic brick Magma

The company produces several varieties of this facing material:

“Flash – Flash”. This building material is used in the decoration of houses in the style of “Bavarian masonry”. A feature of the Magma brick “Flash -Flash” is the use of a special firing technology in conditions of low oxygen. This allows you to get products that combine various shades of the same color. In the process of masonry, a color game is used, which looks especially impressive not only on facades, but also on garden paths, fireplaces, in landscape design, etc. D.

“Vanilla”. Used as a decorative material for wall facing. Represented by two types of surfaces: smooth and antique;

“Chocolate”. This Magma brick is ideal to lay out decorative elements of the facade.

“Red”. The material presented in classical color is widely used in the decoration of industrial buildings, private houses, in the construction of fences, fences, cladding of fireplaces, furnaces and chimneys.

Characteristics of facing ceramic brick Magma:

Mark strength: m 150-175;

Vosiness: 33-36%;

Frost resistance: F 100;

Water absorption: 7-8% (for the technology “Flash-Gobzhig”, “Red and” Chocolate “); 10-12% (for other products).

Products intended for decoration of the front side of the buildings are available in 1 NF format (normal) and 1.4 NF (one and a half).

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