Little brick of a large house

If you recall the children’s fairy tale on the wolf and three piglets, then the most strong was the house of the piglet that worked on masonry. However, a stone as a building material is not everywhere found in the state that walls can be folded from stones. Stones in nature are either too large – labor costs for crushing and cutting, or too small – material costs for solution and cementing. Realizing this, humanity came up with a brick! The first bricks were made of burned clay, and, after firing, they looked like a stone, and at the same time convenient for laying the walls of a rectangular parallelepiped form.

Years passed. The shape of the brick remained unchanged – this ensures the convenience and styling and transportation and uniformity of wall thicknesses. But the compositions and dimensions of cheap bricks have become more specialized.

Bricks are divided into silicate and ceramic. Ceramic brick raw materials are the same classic clay, the basis of silicate brick production is sand and various additives.

In the internal content there are hollow and full -bodied bricks. The former, thanks to the voids inside, are able to store air and have high thermal insulation properties. The second, full -bodied, are characterized by solid density and strength, worthy of use in the laying of the walls of foundations, stoves, fireplaces, ventilation mines.

In Russia, bricks are produced three sizes according to GOST 530-2007: standard, one and a half and double. You can buy a hyperpressed brick at a very favorable price right now on the website of the Kirpich price company.RF.

More bricks differ in their intended purpose. Construction, facing, glazed offspring, hyperpressed bricks – definitions speak for themselves. For example, facing brick is used to ennoble the facades of buildings, facing bricks are produced in different colors to help the architect’s imagination. There are even coloring rules when laying such bricks: yellow brick goes well with brown or black solution, red brick contrasts with white or black solution, and a white solution is chosen for gray and brown facing brick. Ceramic double brick is now also betrayed at a reduced price.

These small rules for selecting building materials are usually prescribed in the architectural and construction part of the design documentation. The pantry can only follow it, and, choosing a brick desired in color from a reliable manufacturer, simultaneously order a solution of the corresponding color. And then on the facade of the house, lined with bright brick and skillful hands, the views of passers -by will always stop warmly, noting the sense of measure of the builder and the artistic taste of the architect.

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