We make repairs in the kitchen

For the reason that the kitchen is a multifunctional and focus of the house, also a room for meetings and much more – for its repair it is necessary to carefully prepare and plan everything. During the preparation of the plan, the layout should be taken into account as a working area, as well as the design of the entire space.

It is necessary to think about what you would like to see from technology in your new kitchen, as well as furniture and interior. Then try to draw everything on paper. In this case, you need to leave a little more free space for passages.

After the project is completed, it is necessary to determine what building materials are used. Based on the cost of all materials, you can calculate approximate costs, and add 30 percent to the result of the result just in case. Now you can start repairs.

First you need to block water. Then take out all the furniture, dismantle all the kitchen equipment, clean the walls, remove the skirting boards and flooring, turn off and dismantle electrical appliances and electrical equipment. Now you need to take out all the garbage and dilute the wiring, transfer the gas pipeline, and if necessary, replace the pipeline and shut -off valves.

Then the repair is carried out, as always from top to bottom. The exceptions will be windows, as they need to be installed after dismantling. It is better to paint the ceiling with water -based paint, since the expensive finish is useless, then that the ceiling turns yellow very quickly. Now you can start wall decoration. Usually, it is made with tiles, but it is better to lay linoleum on the floor, since when a certain object falls, the tile can split and then this site will look ugly. You can also slip on it, which is quite dangerous for life and health.

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