One or two floors of nuances

If you decide to build a country house, but have not yet decided on the number of floors in it, then it is worth taking into account several circumstances that may affect your opinion

How spacious is on your site? If he is small, then it will be more practical to build a two -story house, because one -story with the same area will take away all the free space that could be taken to the garden or place to relax. If the plot is large, then you can doubt about a one -story house.

On the Other Hand, it is believed that the number of floors affects the prestige of the house, but for some reason no one thinks about the convenience of such housing. Consider the pros and cons of two -story houses.

A two -story house allows you to consider nature from a loggia or balcony, we do not forget about imaginary prestige. In addition, you can save on the roof, insulation and in general on the construction area.

But although the area of ​​the house will be larger, its usefulness is seriously reduced due to the second sanitary unit at the top and the stairs between the floors, which, incidentally, is contraindicated in babies and elderly people. In summer, the air temperature at the top will be extremely high, and you will still live on the same floor for a year.

The one -story house is not burdened with the stairs, the costs of the walls will cost a lower cost, since there will be no load from the second floor. Such a house is easier to repair, and it is built faster and easier. The heating system is also easier to mount.

But the costs of the roof and the foundation of such a house will be higher, and with a large area of ​​the house, difficulties in the layout may arise.

In Any Case, most importantly – for you like the house, so you need to build it to your liking.

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