Land for summer cottage construction

When choosing a site for building it is important to consider that you can live on some lands constantly, you can stay temporarily on others, but there are lands on which you cannot build at all.

When buying a site for the construction of a country house, it is important not to make a mistake. The land for the construction of the house, especially temporary, has a great difference from the land intended for the conduct of garden work. Although in the latter case buildings are also possible, but they will already have other rights.The difference between plots for construction

Country sites in the legislation were considered in 1998. Over time, this law was edited, but very superficial. The changes were insignificant. The state provides land for construction only to its citizens, or, according to the law, they can be bought from other residents. Basically, such areas are used for relaxation, they can also build country residential buildings, household buildings and engage in the cultivation of garden cultures. An important aspect is that living in a summer cottage can also be registered. On the lands intended for conducting a garden farm, you can also be built, but registration and registration in this case is impossible. Often there are situations when landowners cross through laws and build residential buildings in areas in which only gardening can be engaged in. It is worth building only one or several large houses, as the owners of neighboring sections begin to do the same. This happens completely. And unscrupulous people, when they begin to sell their plots, convince buyers that on their land it is allowed to build cottages or at home. In this case, when the violation is available, a person is fined and forced to demolish the house that was illegally built on the site. In order not to get into such a situation, it is recommended to be extremely careful when choosing a plot outside the city and buy the land that you need for your purpose.

Land plots in cottage villages from the Lazurnaya Coast

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