Dismantling the door

During the repair process, a new front door is first installed. But you must first remove the old. This can be done both independently and by contacting a specialized company where the workshop masters do work.To dismantle the old front door, special knowledge and skills will be required. The work must be carried out efficiently so that the subsequent installation of a new metal door to the input will pass without problems, and the result is reliable and professional.

When dismantling the front door, a large amount of construction debris and dust appears, so it is necessary to protect the space, close the doors into the rooms, remove the standing furniture nearby or cover it with a cloth. You will also need a special tool for work, which must be prepared in advance: a hacksaw for metal, a grinder, an ax, a chisel. The choice of the tool depends on the material of the old door. When all preparatory work is completed, you can safely start dismantling the front door.

First of all, the platbands are removed from the old door, the door leaf is removed. If the door is installed on collapsible loops, then it is necessary to open it and with the help of scrap lift up until it jumps out of the loops. If the loops are ineffective, then the canvas is unscrewed using a screwdriver.

Then the door frame is dismantled. A box of wooden bars must be sawn with a hacksaw, having previously removed the nails. The metal door box is removed using a grinder, cutting off the fasteners.

After that, it is necessary to remove the old plaster and the solution from the entire perimeter, nails, the remaining sound and thermal insulation. If there is no way to extract the door frame as a whole, then with a hacksaw you can cut it into pieces, and pull it out separately.

If during the dismantling of the old door the doorway is damaged, then it is necessary to melt chips and destruction. At the end of the work, all construction garbage and old materials are removed.

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