DIY Venetian plaster

DIY Venetian plaster is designed for original and beautiful decoration of wall surfaces and columns, cornices and ceilings, as well as other decor elements that are used for internal residential premises, public and commercial buildings. This final coating allows you to buy an apartment in mytishchi inexpensively and give the surface a magnificent imitation of natural stones, such as onyx and marble, jasper and malachite, as well as other minerals of decorative meaning.

Depending on the processing method and selected material, Venetian plaster, which is performed independently in compliance with all the requirements for its application, may have a gloss surface, matte or combined. In addition, it has tinted patriania interspersed with silver and golden veins, mother of pearl. The main advantages of this kind of plaster are that this material refers to an ecological pure product. With its help, you can best hide the irregularities of the surface and various kinds of noticeable defects.


The Venetian does not need a rather difficult preliminary preparation, in addition, the surface is easily repaired, as well as restoration. It does not give any cracks during the shrinkage of the structure. She is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes.

Currently, small marble particles, as well as a variety of acrylic resins and chemical additives are used to create surfaces.

The color palette of this material is selected in the form of pigments, which are usually offered according to the catalogs of the manufacturer himself.

All components are safe, and most importantly, environmentally friendly.


As a rule, the mixture for applying such plaster is sold in the finished form, although some manufacturers recommend buying separately dyes and material to make a suitable color tint personally.

The finish matte or glossy surface can be obtained in different ways.

For the first option, the finest layer of wax is applied, and carefully absorb it.

The second option is used using a different composition of wax, as well as additionally made energetic smoothing of the applied coating using special spatulas. Due to the friction, complete polymerization of the surface layer occurs, in which a very dense crust forms.

Similar materials:

Today, for repairs, many companies use modern technologies and materials.

Currently, marble tiles are often used in the form of finishing material for external and internal surfaces.

Decorative stucco bark beetle is used for different surfaces – concrete, drywall, brick, solid fibrous plates, chipboard and sandwich panels

So, the walls have to leve so that the ceramic tile beige neatly lay down on them.

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