High reliability doors to order!

The Holstacher company is engaged in the development of doors with increased protective properties to order. We make individual door projects and make them in our own production under strict control. To improve the quality and level of reliability, we use locks from the most famous European manufacturers. Many years of experience in the production of reliable doors allowed us to create such

, The strongest and most beautiful doors for our customers!

Ensure the reliability and safety of your apartment and property is not an easy task. It seems that it is enough to install any, even the cheapest door and everything will be in order. This attitude to business is too frivolous. After all, you understand that the more you invest on your door, the less likely to hack! The consequences of apartment thefts do not allow tenants to return to the previous track for a long time! This is a real trouble, so it’s better to think in advance about getting a reliable door!

There are other advantages from the door order in our company. We approach each client individually and creatively. Designers have extensive experience in developing modern doors projects. The main thing in this matter is to catch your desires and mood. Together we will be able to create a unique model with an unusual design. Of course, if you are a reflector of the classics or want to choose from ready -made options, we will be able to provide such an opportunity. There is nothing more pleasant for us than to communicate with clients about how the new door will look, and what properties it should have! We will be happy to create reliability and confidence in the future for you! Doors are high -quality products. We give any guarantees and the ability to carry out repairs if necessary.

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