Burnt with watery farbs

If you decide to finish the ceiling, then the whitewash is exactly what you need. Consider the most common types of colors.

Glue paint. This paint is more convenient to apply a spray gun, but the first layer is still applied with a brush. The surface is covered twice. In order to prepare adhesive paint, you must first prepare its base – glue. To do this, dissolve 100 g of dry mass in a liter of water. And to prepare the paint itself, you need to add chalk to the water until the mass becomes thick, then add the dye diluted in water. Density for adhesive paint is very important. To check it, you need to lower a wooden block into the paint. With perfect density, paint flows into a flat continuous stream. If you apply paint with a brush, then lowering the brush is worth up to half. You should not rub the dried paint, otherwise traces will remain, and the surface will not be perfectly flat.

Lime paint. It is great for painting raw plaster. If the surface is dry, it must be wetted. You will need lime milk to prepare this paint. To get it, it is necessary to dilute the lime gruel 1: 1, and then add the dye and laundry soap to the resulting mass. The paint is applied to the surface twice with a brush. Varto is enemy that after drying the color of the paint will be lighter than that of the solution. To achieve perfect whiteness, add 20 g of ultramarine to the solution. Constantly stir the paint, otherwise the dye will settle to the bottom.

Water -based paint. Unlike lime, it must be applied to a dry surface. To avoid thickening, the paint can be diluted with water. You need to paint the surface 2 rations. The second layer is applied 3 hours after the first. You can paint with a wide brush or roller.

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