New housing and life in the new!

Modern housing. A concept that has long gone beyond the appearance of the building. The presence of all types of communications and parking – are available in all new buildings “by default”. However, not all new buildings apply for the title of elite real estate. By the concept of “elite” we mean not a high price, but the level of comfort.

By purchasing an apartment from the company “Dobrobut”, you get not only a wide selection of the layout and area of ​​the apartments (from 42 to 96 sq.m.), but also all the necessary social objects within walking distance, including:

Public transport stops,



cafes and shops.

Environmentally friendly area. The residential complex is located in the immediate vicinity of the equipped park zone along the embankment of the Dnieper. This is not only a place to play sports, walks and relax on the beach, but also a chic view from the window.

Reliable developer. The company in the real estate market has been over 10 years. And all the necessary documentation and details are presented at Pravda17a.UA, both the developer and the contractor. At the same link you will find a lot of recommendations for interior arrangement and photographs of the house at various stages of its construction.

Availability. You can buy an apartment in Dnepropetrovsk without intermediaries quite simply. And to “book” your favorite meters, just pay for half the cost of housing. To this you will receive a fixed price and installment plan by the remaining amount for 4 months.

Safety. All territories and buildings of the residential complex are under round -the -clock protection and video surveillance.

Cozy courtyards. Light transparent fences in combination with green spaces will create a feeling of solitude without “isolation”. For children, a full -fledged platform with swings, sandbox and other entertainment is provided. The yard is ennobled by paving slabs, the main coating is asphalt.

Motorists will like parking on the ground floor with a ceiling height of 3.3 meters. Parking in the courtyard of the self-sowing, of course, is also provided for.

Quality. Houses are built using energy -saving technologies. Brick walls, unlike the Soviet “panels” will keep warm in the house. The windows use a 5 -chamber profile in combination with a double -glazed window. Each house is heated individually, with the help of roof boiler rooms. In this case, the heat consumption device is installed for each apartment. Three -phase wiring is designed for a load of 10 kV. Concrete screed allows you to use the “warm floor” system. The house is equipped with reliable elevators from the world brand – OTIS. Further maintenance of the residential complex will be engaged in ZhSK “Dobrobut”.

Agree, you are unlikely to find a similar offer in Dnepropetrovsk. And do not forget that by purchasing a new apartment – you first of all acquire a new standard of living!

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