What do you know about magnetic locks?

Any room in the house cannot do without a door. Otherwise, it simply turns into a passing corridor. It is the use of interior doors that allows you to separate and isolate various rooms in the house.

In addition to performing special functions to protect individual rooms from noise and various influences, interior doors carry a large load on interior decoration.Currently, a very large number of various materials are used to manufacture interior doors. The choice in this market segment is really huge. It should be understood that when choosing one or another material for interior doors, it is necessary to take into account the correspondence of the design of the doors with the overall decor of the room.

Very often it is the decoration of interior doors that can change the atmosphere inside the house. Such doors fit very well into the internal interior and must provide sufficient functionality.

For example, PVC doors of Milen’s production of the Verd factory can be equipped with modern magnetic locks by default. The main buyers of such doors with the direct installation of the magnetic mechanism are usually specialized companies, including owning hotels or motels. Magnetic locks in office buildings or at production facilities are widely used in view of high strength and easy operation.

A variety of interior doors allows you to make your choice, which can fully satisfy every taste. To date, doors with magnetic locks are very popular.

The device of such doors allows automatically closing the doors using a simple magnet action. The magnet attracts the metal plate and, thereby, provides the constant finding of the door in a closed state without additional effort. Unlike other similar systems, the magnetic lock system is very easy to operate and does not require additional costs for repair.

The popularity of such a system is based on such positive qualities:

• automatism when closing.

• complete noiselessness.

• Durability of operation.

• Ease of use.

Using a system with a magnetic lock, you can increase comfort and functionality in the use of interior doors.

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