Smart video surveillance

I’ll start with the explanation why I called the article “Smart CCTV”. I think for everyone it is clear what video surveillance is. Explaining in simple words we can say that video surveillance is a set of technical means consisting of a video surveillance camera, monitor and recording devices. And it is necessary for the guard to look at the monitor, and saw what is happening on the street or indoors. And if something happens, you can see the record and transfer it to the police. Agree? Let’s now turn to the name of my article. So what do I mean by smart video surveillance.

To do this, we turn to the tasks that the video surveillance system should perform. I will consider this issue on the example of a standard office of a small company. Suppose that the company is located in the office, which is in a residential building on the ground floor and has a separate entrance. In order to know who came to install a video surveillance camera at the entrance. With the help of it, the territory in front of the front door will be visible. You will always be aware who came, how much and how the janitor is removed. By the way, you can get information about whether the office is closing early. Maybe the bulk of customers come after closing or on weekends. We also install a camera that views the windows from the side of the street. Inside the premises, a video surveillance installation will be advisable in corridors on a recipe or in the lobby. So we have closed all the main zones. In order to keep and view the recording, we install the DVR. I do not consider the issue of laying the cable, installation of the power supply, etc.D. Since the article is not about that.

Now add “smart” to this system. We connect the registrar to the Internet, set the traffic detector, determine the zones and recording time, set up remote access, email notifications and screenshots. What we get. At any time, from anywhere in the world, we can connect to the DVR and see what is done in the office in real time, and we can see the record. When the office is closed when the movement in the room appears, the video surveillance system will take a screenshot and send it to you by email. Having received such a “letter of happiness” you can remotely connect to the DVR and check who goes there with you. If you see that this is an outsider, call the police. After you can transfer the video to police officers and prove the guilt of the thief.

You can also use a video surveillance record as an analysis of the work of your employees. What they do during working hours, how many times they go to smoke or to the store. And when installing microphones, find out what they are talking about, how they communicate with customers and what they think of you. I think it’s time to install video surveillance.

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