Steel doors from the manufacturer are always very popular in our country and it is not surprising because if you compare them with obsolete wooden entrance doors today practically not used, they are more durable, more durable are not afraid of fire and temperature differences are perfectly opposed to gross physical strength without problems used to ensure the protection of a country house for this, it is enough to cover their surface with moisture -resistant paint that will protect them from corrosion

Iron entrance doors are produced by both large and small companies, both private traders in artisanal conditions, and well -known brands in specialized production workshops. It will be most correct to buy steel doors from the manufacturer who is well known on the domestic market with high quality of its products. As for suspiciously cheap artisanal products, often made by people’s craftsmen in garages without knowledge of the basics of technology, they cannot even frighten the thieves. And they are not at all able to resist their blows. Unlike more expensive factory doors that can withstand the onslaught using a power tool.

Without a good castle, even the most durable and reliable steel door is a useless metal trash that opens with a professional criminal in just a couple of seconds. And this is not an exaggeration. That is why saving on the installation of locks is not worth. It is better to use a castle group consisting of one cylinder castle, and from one leaf lock. It is almost impossible to hack a cylinder with a liner, and a suvold is very difficult to break. Complementing each other, they create an almost insurmountable barrier for an attacker. So that it could not be cut out with a grinder or drilled using a drill, the locks outside are often protected by thick armored plates.

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