What you need to know about European -renovation

Before proceeding with the renovation of the apartment, you need to draw up a project of future design, which will contain a sketch of the repaired room and an approximate list of materials necessary for the implementation of the idea in life. Typically, the renovation project includes the installation of interior doors, the construction of arches and partitions, a change of flooring, creating a complex ceiling. In the project of the future design, it is planned what furniture will be present in the interior, a system of air conditioning and ventilation is thought over.

When compiling a project, the designer needs to optimize living space, understand his functional purpose. Most likely, to create a comfortable and comfortable interior, you will have to use the reception of zoning the room.

When carrying out a renovation, most likely, it will not be possible to avoid redevelopment. To implement it, it is necessary to enlist the resolution of the competent authorities. Often, the company that is engaged in the conduct of European repair takes this issue resolving this issue.

If we talk about building materials, then a disappointing conclusion suggests itself – for good quality you will have to fork out a lot. But an experienced designer will help minimize expenses and choose worthy materials for sane money.

Various technologies are currently used to carry out European repairing. For example, to create an interesting design, complex multi -tiered ceilings are erected. And to lay the floor use laminate, piece or art parquet, linoleum. All these works have their own work technology.

Renovation is of varying degrees of complexity: “economy”, “standard”, “lux”. Choose in accordance with your capabilities and desires.

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