Flos chandeliers obey modern aesthetics

Italian factory FLOS (FLAS), producing lamps, produces wall, ceiling and floor lighting equipment. Particular attention is paid to the design of the products. In the lamps, chandeliers there is a provocation of the FLOS chandelier – submit to modern aesthetics

, The originality of stylistic solutions with the grace of lines, the elegance of simplicity with the creativity of ergonomics is adjacent.

The FLOS factory manufactured the first lamps in 1962, the unusual form and modern material attracted attention first in Italy, and then a high score was received all over the world. The fame of the FLOS brand as a manufacturer of highly rental and creative lighting equipment began to grow.

Having mastered new technologies, the FLOS factory is constantly looking for talented designers of lighting equipment, interiors, they participate in the development of progressive lighting equipment for commercial and dwelling. Models of elite lamps are characterized by an original form and high level of manufacture.

After the accession of Antares – the Spanish lighting factory, the company began to make architectural lighting. In the products of the FLOS brand there is high quality, unusual design and high technology. For innovative ideas and technical solutions, the line of lamps is so appreciated by consumers.

The company’s designers pay great attention to the external qualities of the products, as well as how to submit them. All Flos catalogs are a kind of albums with original and beautiful pictures of all chandeliers.

FLOS never limits its designers who work on lamps, but all models wear postmodern features, namely, rejection of formal proportions, bright originality, no classical forms. Kitch, decorativeness, alloying of various styles, colorfulness are features that endow the chandeliers and lamps of FLOS.

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