There is a repair in the kitchen

First we take out all the furniture from the kitchen and determine the front of the work.

Techo – it can be beaten, painted with oil paint, but best of all water -based: it is washed well and at that time “breathes”, passes the air. Walls – they can be painted with enamel paint of pastel color, glued oilcloth (at one time it was very fashionable) or washing wallpaper.

Paul – most often it is covered with linoleum. But it is worth moving a little, por ejemplo, a refrigerator, as there are traces and rags on a linoleum coating. And every such scratch, and they will appear every now and then, you will accompany long regrets. Recently, many began to put floor tiles in the kitchen: it is beautiful, practical, but there is one “but” – if the water is dripping on such a half, and you will not pull it in a timely manner – the fall is provided to you, because wet tiles become very slippery.

There is another option, once a supermined, and now completely forgotten: cover the floor with fabric and on top – varnish. The sequence of work advise the following.

• solve all problems with the ceiling, any repair always begins with it.

If it was turned white, whitewashing must be removed – soaked with hot water with a brush and, when it soaks, scraped a scraper. Then blur with water again, using a hard brush so that there are no tubercles and bumps. “Blur” the ceiling, carefully examine it: if you notice the buried places, wipe them a couple of times with a strong soapyer (add soap and olifa to a 2 percentage of hydrochloric acid- 1 o 1 o solution of 400 g of both component) and wash all the clean hot water.

• It would be nice after the blurry of the ceiling, después, as it dries: the paint will lie better.

• After that, you can paint with water -based paint. Do not want a white ceiling – add a drop of ordinary gouache or oil paint from a tube to the paint, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous color is obtained. As you can see, the repair of the ceiling is not such a terrible thing. And the walls will be even easier.

• First of all, we clean the walls of the paint. We scatter the oily with a steel spatula (and if the paint is fresh, we erode it with kerosene or turpentine).

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