Facing stairs with granite

Granite is considered a strong natural material that is ideal for construction and exposure work in harsh climatic conditions, so characteristic of St. Petersburg.

From granite today, a lot of products used in construction and repair are made, for example, a frequent phenomenon – granite plates that decorate the walls and floor, and also use decorative elements in the rooms.

Currently gained popularity cladding stairs with granite slabs. This is a fairly thoughtful and economically advantageous option for buildings, the operation of which has just begun and the owners want to maintain its initial functionality for a long period of time. The stronger the surfaces that are exposed to increased physical and chemical stress, the later cosmetic and the more major repairs will be carried out.

It is for this reason that work on the cladding of stairs by granite is so in demand and relevant in our time. Granite from time immemorial has been considered the most dull natural material withstanding tremendous physical exertion.

The granite plate is characterized by good operational properties, does not abolish over time, is not destroyed under the influence of chemicals used in washing flooring.

In addition, granite has anti -slip properties, which eliminates the injury of people with rises and descent up the stairs.

An equally important fact is an aesthetic component of a granite slab, which always looks completely and presentable, does not lose its noble semi -dummy shine and a rich natural color.

Our company carries out work on the cladding of stairs by granite. For many years of activity, our company has received many positive reviews about the work that we try to organize at a highly professional level.

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