Wallpapers in a new way liquid option

At the moment, several dozen types of wallpaper are present on sale, but among the available ones, it is clearly distinguished not only in its structure, but also in external parameters such as liquid wallpaper. Read about all the nuances of working with unique material in the article.

Liquid wallpaper appeared on sale just a few years ago. The composition of the material includes an adhesive component, dyes and natural elements, such as cotton and cellulose. In stores, this material can be purchased in two types: dry and liquid. Liquid type wallpaper is suitable for any space, but in rooms with high humidity, the wall trimmed with liquid wallpaper requires additional coating with a thin layer of varnish.

The number of shades of liquid wallpaper in the modern construction market can hit even a lot of designer. Using special dyes, you can create any color, and with the help of special additives, also special effects. For example, if you mix liquid wallpaper with a silk fibers, then as a result you get a wall resembling a canvas. Using different methods of applying the composition, you can achieve intricate reliefs.

All designers are convinced that liquid wallpaper is a real salvation for apartments and houses with imperfectly even walls. They allow you to hide any crack and roughness. So, the preliminary stage of work will be minimal, and perhaps it will not be needed at all. More precisely, a specialist can tell you when he appreciates the front of the work. Apartment renovation in Korolev

, Shchelkovo, Ivanteevka and Fryazino will quickly and efficiently be performed by specialists of the repair studio “City”.

Studies show that liquid wallpapers have a large degree of sound and thermal insulation than a paper version. In addition to everything, they do not distinguish harmful substances and comply with all the stated fire safety standards. Even during fire, they do not emit unpleasant odors and smoke.

When working with such wallpaper, a simple roller or spray gun is used. Of course, it will be better and more interesting to the surface of the wallpaper when using a roller. The Obi does not require some individual departure and the pollution that appeared can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or an eraser, but you should not wash the walls with water, since they will dissolve. Water steam is not a hindrance to them, they easily absorb it. If you want to apply them in the bathroom, then do not forget to cover them with varnish.

Liquid wallpaper is a very flexible material in its properties, therefore, therefore, it is so highly valued both in the environment of designers and ordinary citizens. They allow a moment to radically transform the appearance of the house. If you need repair and design with liquid wallpaper of the bathroom, contact the company that specializes in such types of services. Bathroom repair in the queen will be held for you highly qualified masters.


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