The wood is currently consumed extremely not economical. When processing round materials (logs and ridges), waste is 27-30%in sawmill, in the production of sleepers 23%, plywood 55%. From 5 m3, wood is taken out of the cutting area about 4 m3 logs. When sawing these ridges, you can get about 3 m3 of lumber, of which only 1 m3 is useful in the manufacture, for example, furniture.

Rational and full use of harvested wood can largely make up for the lack. The chip plates can be made of nicepa wood obtained during the harvesting in the forest of various round varieties and from waste generated during mechanical processing of wood.

Strug boards of better quality, as will be shown below, can be obtained only from special chips cut along the wood fibers. Consequently, massive wood should be considered the best raw materials for the plates: ridges, churaki, segments of boards, humps and rails obtained by sawing ridges, as well as pencils – plywood waste from plywood waste.

For the production of chipping plates, chiefs and churaki are mainly used.

Ridge and churaki, intended as raw materials for slabs, can be prepared in the forest from wood whips, as well as in warehouses with cuts of whips on pillarbow rockets and other round varieties of any diameter from 5-6 cm and above. Thick churaks are pre -split into two or four parts. Rings are usually sawn into churaki 1 m long. This operation can be carried out at the hook warehouse of raw materials. On some types of chips can be processed in chips and longer varieties.

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