Building and classification of bulldozers

Large equipment is indispensable in modern construction. Any communal enterprise engaged in road repairs needs a dump truck, a bulldozer is needed, and so on, what to talk about private construction companies. The modern market gradually expands the assortment, therefore, enterprises that are just starting their way in construction are better to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of large -sized machines in advance – this will determine the degree of necessity in a particular technique.

It is quite complicated, but still the necessary aspect. For example, the classification and structure of bulldozers have a lot of subtleties and nuances. You need to know that the key elements of the bulldozer are two main parts – bulldozer equipment (a dump, which is considered the main working body, a decline control system and a pushing device) and a machine that ensures the movement of the entire structure (they are air -wheatproof or caterpillar).

The dump of the bulldozer is its most important component. It is a welded structure with a visor, which is designed to avoid pouring soil when working on loose surfaces. Cutting knives are attached to the bottom of the dump. The lifting and lowering of the dump of the bulldozer is carried out using the features of the control system – in particular, we are talking about hydraulic cylinders that the driver controls. The entire control system – both a bulldozer in general and a dump in particular – is located in the cabin of the driver. As for the pushing device, its front part is connected to the dump, and the back is based on the base machine.

As for the classification of such equipment as a bulldozer, there is a separation according to various parameters. In particular, we are talking about the traction class, the typology of basic machines and the principle by which the working body is installed. The cost of the entire bulldozer most often depends on the same indicators, as well as the manufacturer.

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