Classic bedroom design what wallpaper to choose?

The classic style originated in ancient Greece and Rome, survived the heyday during the revival and retains its popularity until today. True, in a somewhat changed, adapted to the tastes and needs of a modern person, form. Classic interiors are elegant and not overloaded with details. They are characterized by a calm color scheme and expensive, high -quality finishing materials.

Classic is the best choice for bedroom decoration. The restrained, peaceful interior will help to relax with the body and soul.

For decorating walls in the classic -style bedroom, wallpaper is traditionally used. You can just paste them all the walls of the room. In this case, preference should be given to exquisite shades and discreet, concise patterns. Or use a combination of wrap-sales wallpaper. These are wallpapers with different patterns, but in one color scheme, or with the same pattern, but different shades.

Another, more bold reception is the release of the wall in the head of the bed with bright wallpaper with catchy ornament. The entire wall can be distinguished, to which the end of the bed adjoins or only part of it. At the same time, the rest of the walls of the room remain plain.

The color and pattern of wallpaper sets the style of the room. Therefore, fans of the classics should choose wallpaper for the bedroom in restrained colors and with traditional ornaments: Damascus, strip or peiley.


Damascas are drawings with plant ornaments made using one, maximum – two colors. The pattern repeating with a certain sequence creates a special, bewitching rhythm. For centuries, a traditional Damasian pattern was an attribute of oriental luxury. Today, the drawing is again popular and widely used by designers, including in the collections of elite wallpaper.

Using wallpaper for walls with dams, you can create a restrained and respectable interior. Graceful damasks of delicate and sophisticated shades are presented on the Salon-OBOEV website in the new Gentle Manor collection (family estate) from the designer Bureau Ashford House . The name of the collection implies aristocratic sophistication of colors and patterns.

The Italian wallpaper manufacturer, Sirpi, offers the Altagamma Sempre collection with classic dams made in noble, natural colors. Such wallpapers will help create an atmosphere of noble luxury in the bedroom.


This classic wallpaper pattern is most suitable for an interior in a traditional English style. Its popularity remained unchanged for many years. But today, thanks to the attention of famous designers, “striped” wallpapers literally experience a second birth.

The delicate strips of pastel colors that are suitable for decorating walls in the bedroom can be found in the Nantucket Stripes collection from the famous American manufacturer Wallquest.

The drawing “strip” is often used in tandem with floral ornaments of the same shade in the suit-companions. Another option that has passed the test of time is the use of wallpaper in a strip as the lower part of the two -level wall covering.

Turkish cucumber (Payley)

A pattern reminiscent of a drop in shape rather than a cucumber is known in the East as “Butte Jick”. And Europeans call it Peace. It has become popular as an ornament for wall coatings since in the 80s of the last century the English factory Cole & Son made him the main character of several collections of wallpaper.

This ornament is not easy to enter into the interior, it is self -sufficient, and therefore very demanding of his environment. But a plain and unobtrusive background, such as in the Rhinoceros collection from Sirpi or Izmir from Wallquest, allows you to use this pattern in the interior of the bedroom. This design will not seem too motley and elaborate.

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