Organization of the storm system is given quite a lot of attention, a properly organized and installed storm system avoids various kinds of problems regarding the operation of the building with the improper arrangement of storm drains, flooding of the upper floors of the building can occur and this, in turn, will entail cosmetic and, in some cases, overhaul

Our company carries out work on the improvement of the territory, including work on the installation of water systems. Our main task is to make storm systems in such a way that even with strong precipitation, there is no flooding of residential buildings and administrative buildings.

At the initial stage of work, the design of the system is carried out, taking into account the architectural features of the building, as well as its purpose. Based on this, the optimal storm system is selected, which is installed by qualified specialists of our company.

All work is carried out with strict compliance with the project. If it is necessary to make changes, we inform the customer and only after approval we proceed to the next stage of installation.

The established storm systems are subsequently tested in order to identify inaccuracies in the design and timely elimination of problems.

Thanks to the use of modern innovative equipment and professional tools, work on the installation of storm systems is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Installation of storm systems is carried out only by highly qualified specialists under the guidance of the master. Considerable experience, as well as skills and knowledge, avoid inaccuracies in the installation.

Only a properly organized storm system will avoid flooding, the appearance of molds on the walls, as well as constant damp. A professional approach in such an important issue – our main credo in the work.

Stroygrad – landscaping and improvement of the territory.

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