Restore the bath

If you have an old bath, which it seems to you, is not suitable for anything, then you should not rush to throw it away. Because there are certain methods to restore it. One of these methods is to bring the bath into its original appearance on its own. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances, make enamel. If everything is done as expected, your bath will serve you for a few more years, at least. Because such a small period can be explained by the fact that the enamel is tempered at the factory itself, and this work at home is just like coloring. In addition, the majority make this way to postpone the purchase of a new bath for a short time.

First of all, you should clean the bath well and degrease. This is not too painstaking work.

It will be much more difficult to polish it, after cleaning itself. It should be done efficiently, because in the case of flaws, the enamel can pass faster than the appointed period. ,All sorts of bubbles and stories can still be visible. After the grinding end, enamel is applied. It must be applied in two layers with a break of 15 minutes. ,After the second layer is made, the bath is necessary completely dry. After that, it can already be used.

There are a couple more ways to restore the bath. For example, recovery is done using a special polymer composition, using a simple brush. After the work is finished, a guarantee is given for a year. But in fact, she can last up to three years.

Another way – a bath in a bath, or acrylic liner. It is not only the most expensive way, but also the most durable. Using this method, you need to dismantle the strapping, clean the bath, also cut the edges and try on. You still need to measure the holes themselves, and apply sealant.

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