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Vogneborets Plus company operates in the field of fire safety development and offers engineering and fire equipment to enterprises, business facilities, and other organizations and institutions.

The main advantage of our company, which indicates our reliability, as a business partner, is the operational supply of all the equipment you need, the latest engineering fire systems and components for them.

What is included in fire equipment?

1983 MIT there are special standards that no one has canceled until now. These standards establish types of various fire equipment, the purpose of which is to protect various objects from fires. In addition, this document indicates which quantity, where and how the fire equipment should be placed.

All fire equipment is divided into several groups. One of the groups is called fire equipment, it includes: hydrants and fire hoses, speakers and valves, as well as connecting reinforcement. These special tools serve in order to prevent and extinguish fires.

At Vogneborets Plus, you can purchase all types of fire equipment. We, a team of professionals and can provide all the necessary quality certificates. Our employees will deliver and install equipment on the spot. The specialists of our company will advise you, provide a catalog of goods and talk about the features of any fire equipment.

Elementary fire protection equipment – fire inventory

All objects should have elementary means of fire protection. Such means include a fire shield on which fire inventory is placed. To this, a primitive, at first glance, inventory, very high requirements are made, stipulated by several acting GOSTs.

Systematic service requirements:

Cleaning from traces of corrosion, dust and dirt,

Special coloring,

Removing deformation of crowbars and crimson, their editing,

The exact angle of sharpening according to the standard.

Completion and accommodation requirements. Each facility has its own completeness. Color requirements, for sand boxes, barrels for water.

On the site you can order all types of equipment to ensure fire safety, fire extinguishers and much more.

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