Recalculation on profit deductions

Once a month or a quarter, the bodies of the Ministry of Finance, upon receipt of a report (balance), make a recalculation for payments from profits from profits. When overfulfilling the accumulation plan for the reporting period, the budget charges 50-75% of super-planned savings; Up to 25% of super -planned savings is transferred to the Council of People’s Commissars to the Fund of One -time financial assistance and 25% remains by the end of the year at the disposal of the enterprise.

In case of non -compliance with the accumulation plan, the amount of contributions from profits, respectively, decreases, excessively deposited by enterprises, are counted on the scheduled contributions of the following reporting period. If in subsequent periods, planned contributions of deductions from. profit, then excessively deposited amounts, by order of the Ministry of Finance, are returned to the enterprise.

The amount of deductions from profits to the budget is 503.58 thousand. rub., T. e. It is equal to the amount of profit from the sale of products (594.77 thousand. rub.) minus the amount of expenses that are covered by profit from the sale of products (91, 19 thousand. rub.). These expenses consist of the following articles in thousand. rub.:

Financial discipline and financial control by the State Bank. As can be seen from the foregoing, the socialist enterprise receives funds for its products, reimbursing the incurred production costs for the manufacture of these products. In addition, the company is funded for certain needs from the state budget or from the Council of People’s Commissars and receives short -term return loans from the State Bank. Thus, certain funds of funds are formed and spent in socialist enterprises, which makes up their financial side of economic activity.

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