Phenolic emulsion resins

At a pressing temperature of 140 °, the exposure time, the slabs in the hot press should not exceed 0.7 minutes. 1 mm plate thickness.

For the production of plates manufactured in the presses that work according to the extrusion method, resins that harden are used more quickly, since the chip weight is located between the hot stoves of the press from 1.5 to 3 minutes. Depending on the thickness of the slab. If the slabs are made in floor presses, then too little the adhesive viability can lead to premature curl of it, since from the moment of mixing the resin with a hardener to the moment of hot pressing, a rather significant time passes.

Phenolic emulsion resins, as a rule, do not require the introduction of hardeners and harden quickly enough at the usual temperature of the press plates 140-160 °. This is somewhat simplifying production, as there is no need for mixing resins with hardeners. In addition, resins with hardeners introduced into them are often clogged with pipelines in which hardened irreversible products remain. After certain periods of time, pipelines must be cleaned and thoroughly washed.

Resins should not be flammable or explosive, it is desirable that they do not contain products harmful to human health. The amount of free formaldehyde in the resin should be minimal. In any case, the slabs made on these resins should not have an unpleasant odor or secrete substances harmful to humans.

It is desirable that the resins are light -colored; Plates made on the basis of dark -colored resins have a dark color, which excludes the possibility of using them in untreated form, especially if the color is distributed on the surface of the plate unevenly.

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