Preparation for the construction of a wooden house – Drying of a tree

Without even possessing specialized knowledge, one can understand how important this item is. You can not think about this right away, but, drying the logs, namely, its methodology greatly affects the style and shape of the already completed structure. It determines how the structure will look in general.

Nowadays, three main methods of wood drying are carried out:

1. Natural system

2. Air system

3. Stock system

Many manufacturers use the stove drying method. This kills two birds with one stone at once – eliminates insects settling inside logs, and the drying process is significantly accelerated. The price of furnace drying is higher, but all the same for some wood species, this is a very important process, so it is in high demand.

Other manufacturers use a more natural and economical method- air drying method. Felled trees are folded in a certain way and covered, this reduces to twenty percent the level of moisture in the log. Such drying will take for several years, but as a result, excellent logs with the surface underwent many small cracks and cracking in a tree are obtained. This allows the manufacturer to determine how much more additional work needs to be done so that the logs do not split, do not settle and do not cause problems to the owners of the houses.

It is customary to call natural drying some regions rich in a moisturizing forest, cutting down which the finished dry logs are obtained. The trees are also after the various causes have died due to various natural causes. This is like a vertical air drying. Such wood is dry, high -quality and is a great material for construction.

Builders often make a large assumption to expand and shrink over time using a dead pine. Doors and windows are slightly larger, but if you try, then they can be fixed without using any special methods. Often the owners of the houses agree with these inconvenience, since they are attracted by a larger diameter of the defense of the dead pine.

The construction of buildings from timber or logs of natural humidity is very popular. At the same time, the construction of the house is reduced, but such a house for permanent residence will have to be performed in two stages. From a timber of natural humidity in one stage, you can remarkably build garden and country houses, and after an annual natural shrinkage, a house for permanent residence can be insulated and finished from the outside.

Become a dilemma can choose logs for building a house, different drying methods. Each of the companies uses a certain drying method can convince you of the “advantages” of its method and the “shortcomings” of someone else’s. It should be remembered: there is no perfect dry log suitable in all situations and every wallet.

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