Perlite plaster

There is currently a huge selection of products in the building materials market, among which perlite plaster is quite pronounced. This type of finishing material is very popular due to its main property – a significant expansion when heating. This feature of the building material owes the fundamental element – perlite.

Perlit – volcanic breed, similar in structure to pearls. Perlite includes no more than 1% of the water, due to which, when heated, it increases 10-12 times compared to the initial dimensions.

Perlite development was started back in the 50s of the last century. Since then, perlite has been used for the production of various building materials: plasters, plates, pens, thermal insulation, etc. This coating gained its popularity not only due to an increase in size when heated, but also remarkable sound and heat-insulating properties, as well as an attractive decorative look and non-combustibility.

The main advantages of perlite plaster are:

– Excellent clutch with various surfaces on which this material can be applied (concrete, brick, etc.D.);

– Low sound power and non -combustibility of the material. For comparison, we note that 3.5 centimeters of the perlite composition are 16 centimeters of brickwork. When using this type of plaster in the construction, the spent on heating the premises is reduced by almost 2 times;

– insensitivity to the propagation of various microscopic organisms (molds and t.P.). Resistance to external environmental manifestations;

– High fire safety is one of the main advantages of this plaster. Thanks to the presence of perlite in the material, the process of pushing is impossible;

– It is completely environmentally friendly: perlite plaster does not carry any damage to the ecology and nature.

– surfaces treated with perlite solution easily lend themselves to external changes.

Perlite plaster has only one unpleasant flaw – relatively high cost compared to gypsum mortar. But all the above described properties pay off the costs in full. At the same time, modern perlite plaster has a variety of colors, which is another advantage over conventional gypsum.

Based on materials from the website of the company “TSC Avangard”

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