Massive Parquetof board ideal quality at moderate price!

The German company Parquetof Group has been serving its consumers with reliable and proven products for many years. For the manufacture of flooring, not only traditional varieties of raw materials are used, but also exotic wood. It is very pleasant that this company is not worth it, but constantly develops and improves its production technologies and types of designs.

Production of a massive board from parquetof

In the manufacture of parquet boards of this company, only the most modern and improved wood processing technologies are used. In addition, all the company’s factories are conducting daily strict control over all the work performed in each stage of the entire long production. The high quality of the material is guaranteed to be confirmed by the fact that in many points the sexual natural massive board Parquetof exceeds the standard requirements of GOST. For example, the geometry indicators of each individual board at the highest level, the number of knots is the minimum. The massive parquet of this company is distinguished by strength and wear resistance, in comparison with competitors in the same price category. Such a coating easily withstands a variety of degrees of loads, so the floorboards of Parquetof are used not only in residential premises, but also for commercial purposes. Due to the fact that the wood array is subjected to repeated grinding, it can be easily restored, and accordingly your beautiful natural floor will delight you and surprise your guests for many decades.

Luxurious parquet should be framed by a beautiful skirting board. Parquetof Group manufactures wooden skirting boards. They, like flooring, are produced from various wood species, which allows you to perfectly select the skirting board in color and texture for any flooring.

For proper styling and high -quality parquet care, you need to use only correct and environmentally friendly means. Parquetof Group manufacturing company offers special tools for laying and for caring for a massive board.

Perfect collections of a massive board

All numerous types of parquet Parquetof Group are collected in the main 4 groups:

The African Savannah collection is the embodiment of brightness and unusual. This product will become a find for people who love interesting and ethnic styles in the interior. Massive boards are made from Pikory, acacia, zebrano, kaslina and nut. This is a spectacular and catchy drawing that combines the saturation and juiciness of the shades. Such flooring will perfectly emphasize dark and massive furniture, non -standard lamps and colorful textiles.

Collection “Vintage”. The very name of this collection gives us an idea of ​​beautiful wooden floorboards created by an experienced master a couple of centuries ago. The parquet of the proposed style is skillfully processed and aged, this is what gives the room a unique charm and atmosphere of a luxurious old castle. You will find for yourself a branded bar, which not only has an old look, but also processed with special German varnish or oil.

The Nordic collection differs from the rest in that it consists only of light and pure colors. Most likely, it went from the traditions of the Scandinavians, whose gender has always had only light shades. In the form of raw materials, a northern birch, a natural light tone of oak, snow -white maple acts for this type of parquet. The interior with such a massive parquetof board will be filled with air and white sunny. You will feel all the beauty of the northern snow mountains and frosty rivers.

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